Portland Oregon Massage by Benjamin Curtis

Benjamin Curtis has devoted his life to helping free people from pain, stress and tension...even where other treatments have not previously been effective. Through powerfully-effective therapeutic massage and integrative bodywork, Benjamin Curtis Body Works alleviates the painful limitations imposed by chronic tension, misalignments, and energetic blocks. Benjamin is based in Portland, Oregon and serves all of the greater Portland area.  Benjamin is also available for house calls, for more information dial 1-541-241-4101.

What makes Benjamin's massage treatment truly different and incredibly effective is that he listens to your body and treats the root causes of pain and tension with individualized treatments. Typical massage makes you feel good for a short time; therapeutic massage brings your body to its long-term optimal functionality, the way it was designed to work, so you can get back to enjoying the Portland life.

What would your life be like without chronic pain?

Benjamin has extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise with massage and offers a myriad of massage techniques for sports and muscle injuries as well as a deep understanding of anatomy and kinesiology. Whether Deep Tissue, Myo Facial Release, Swedish massage, or Sports Massage, Benjamin treats a diversity of patients.

We pride ourselves on getting things right or your money back guaranteed.

Call for a free consultation today and start your path to healing.

Portland, Oregon Massage Clinic: 3609 SW Corbett Ave. Portland, OR 97239

Bend, Oregon Massage Clinic: ( 541) 241-4101 | The Center for Life | 
  1004 NW Milwaukee Avenue Suite 200 | Bend, Oregon 97701